1000 Cannons Court, Suite 105

Woodbridge, VA 22191



Saturday, December 16

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

 XFI In-House Competition.  TEAMS OF 3 (MMF, FFM, FFF, MMM) - Novice, Intermediate, Masters (35+) and RX

3 WODs and 1 Floater WOD

Sign up on the black board at the box!

**NOTE:  Each WOD can be scaled as needed.

Strong is Sexy!

15 minute Time Cap

Team 1 Rep Max – Complex

  •  2 Dead Lifts
  • 2 Power Cleans
  • 1 Jerk

 Score is the sum of each athlete's total.

WOD 1 – Strong is Sexy Rules and Standards

Dead Lift – Full extension in the finish position

Power Clean – Starts from the floor.  Must have second dip under the bar and stand up to full extension in the front rack position before beginning the next clean or moving on to the jerk.


Push Jerk:  Must re-dip under the bar.  Must stand up to full extension before the bar drops from the overhead position.

Split Jerk:  At the end of the lift, feet must be parallel and body must be in full extension before the bar drops from the overhead position.

Hang In There!

15 minute AMRAP

Synchronized Wall Balls
Bar Hang

 Score is the number of Wall Balls.

WOD 2 – Hang In There Rules and Standards

Synchronized Wall Balls – Both Partners must be in the bottom of the squat at the same time.  Wall Ball must hit designated spot.

Bar Hang – Overhand, underhand and/or alternating grip is permitted. 

If the partner hanging from the bar drops, partners MUST stop.  Reps will not count if partner is not hanging from the bar.

When partner hanging from the bar drops, partners MUST switch. 
Novice:  Men 16#/Women 14# (or less)
Masters: Men 16#/ Women 12# (or less)
Intermediate:  Men 16#/Women 14#
RX:  Men 20#/Women 16#

Revv that Engine!

20 minute AMRAP

  • 400 meter Run
  • 7 Shoulder to Overhead
  • 9 Box Jumps
  • 20 Jump Rope

WOD 3 – Revv that Engine Rules and Standard

Score is Rounds and Reps of the LAST athlete in line.

Elements are Follow the Leader style, switching partners for the run

400 meter Run – One partner runs at a time.  When partner returns, they will switch with another partner and continue where that partner left off.
Partner A starts the first movement.  Partner B cannot start that movement till Partner A has moved on to the next. 

Shoulder to Overhead includes:  Strict press, Push press, Push Jerk and/or Split Jerk
Novice:  Men 85#/Women 55#
Masters:  Men 75#/Women 45#
Intermediate:  Men 95#/Women 65#
RX:  Men 135#/Women 115#

Box Jumps:  Full extension of hips on top of the box.  Must show control on top of the box.
Novice:  Men 24”/Women 20” Box Jumps OR Step ups
Masters:  Men 24”/Women 20” Box Jumps OR Step ups
Intermediate:  Men 24”/Women 20” Box Jumps OR Step ups
RX:  Men 30”/Women 24” Box Jumps OR Step ups

Jump Rope:
Novice:  60 Singles
Masters:  60 Singles
Intermediate:  60 Singles or 20 Double Unders
RX:  20 Double Unders


5 min CAP

Max Hammer Hits

Score is the total number of hammer hits.

Floater WOD - Casper Rules and Standards

As many reps as possible within the 5 minute time cap.
Floater WOD can be done any time during the day.
One Partner works at a time. 


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