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Personalized Training

One on one training is a great way to hone skills and technique while customizing specific work out plans for individual goals.  Each person is different and may require a different approach to enhance their training, or push past plateaus.  We will evaluate and work with each individual to determine the regimen that will be most effective. 

Through counseling on diet and lifestyle choices, XFI trainers will create a plan and monitor your progress in order for you to reach your desired result.

We, the coaches and your fellow athletes, help to keep you accountable so you can reach your fullest potential, in and out of the box.  It's important to us to help each athlete create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  We miss you when you're gone and encourage each individual not to just work out for an hour but to come early and stay late, work on skills, build strength, mingle and have fun with your fellow Fire Breather.

Fitness is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle.  We work with you to help you understand how your diet impacts your overall wellness and how food impacts your daily life.   And, we stress the importance of play, in and out of the box. 


The  Girls and Heros Club, Barbell Club and Running Club is an awesome way to come together to sweat, cheer, have fun, and learn great skills and techniques.  Each week is something new.  It's an advantage for every athlete to get stronger, faster, build endurance and better movement patterns. 

The Clubs will challenge you, establish and build a great foundation, and push your limits.   

Group WODs

We provide a constantly varied, high intensity workouts based around functional movements.  A variety of movements are incorporated in each session along with weights and calisthenics.  The variations are endless.  Each WOD is typically one hour and includes a warm up, movement coaching and demonstration, the WOD, and cool down.  We also incorporate core, balance and accuracy training. 

As the backbone of our community, the group WODs offer competition (with yourself and/or with others), a chance to encourage your fellow Fire Breathers and a chance for them to encourage you.  Although you're working in a group setting, you will receive the one on one coaching and attention necessary to safely and successfully complete each WOD. 

Our goal is to help you achieve yours in a fun and safe environment.  Starting with Foundations.  A two week session, included in each membership option to teach you the Olympic and Power lifts, cueing, and verbiage. 

WODs are constantly varied with scaling and modification options to accommodate every athlete.  We understand each client has different goals, needs and capabilities. 



It's no secret how important proper nutrition is.  We take it very seriously at XFI.  In order to live an optimum life (healthy and fit), overcome fitness levels you never knew you could, feel great, sleep better, improve energy and reach your goals - Nutrition is key.  We guide you to proper nutritional choices, to include food and supplements.  One on one with a coach, we'll get you started and help you maintain well balanced diet.