1000 Cannons Court, Suite 105

Woodbridge, VA 22191



How do I sign up?

Signing up and getting started is easy!  You've already taken the first step by stopping by and getting more information. 

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Purchase online by clicking HERE(limited options available)
  2. (or) Reserve a FREE Baseline Intro. Session by clicking HERE
  3. Get ready for some fun

Where are you located?

We are really easy to find.  Here are few clues:  We are down the road from the VRE station, really close to several commuter lots and slug lines, right off of exit 160 towards Woodbridge and directly off of route 1.

Come visit us at:

100 Cannons Court, Suite 105

Woodbridge, VA  22191

What is your schedule and hours of operations?

Though you are free to attend any time during the day and any day of the week our WOD schedule and hours of operation can found here.  We are expanding our hours and continuously adding specialty classes.  So check in frequently. 

Can I just drop in?

Of course.  We love visitors!  Our drop in fee is $20 or you can purchase a tee shirt when you swing on through.  Just make sure to come a few minutes early to speak to one of our coaches and sign our waiver.

When I became an XFI athlete can I come by any time I want and can I work out any time?

Based on the program you chose, absolutely.  What I mean is, we are open 6 days a week.  If you signed up for a two a day contract you can come in twice for your group WOD, any one of those days.  Each contract includes open gym at no additional costs. 

What does Open Gym consist of?

Open gym is a great time to work on skills, technique, get a few questions answered, do a nutritional check in, and/or a goal check up.  A coach is available to ensure each athlete is practicing proper technique and is in a safe environment.  This isn't a time to WOD and this isn't a personal training session.  What this great opportunity is, is a chance to polish a few things up.

Do I have to reserve a time to WOD on line?

Only for the 6am and 9 am WODs.  All of our afternoon sessions - NO WAY!  A highlight of XFI is that our schedule is built around yours.

To reserve you 6am and 9 am session, if you're a XFI member, we make this easy though Wodify.  If you're a drop in, simply go to the schedule and click on the icon next to the time.   

What if I can't do the workouts?

Tsk Tsk Tsk - "can't" is such a bad word.  Failure isn't measured by one who doesn't succeed, failure is measured by those do not try and/or try again.  There are a lot of options for CrossFit.  You can scale or reduce the weight and/or modify the movement.  CrossFit is designed for everyone regardless of fitness level, age, or past injuries.

Do you offer discounts?

XFI offers 15% off (regardless of chosen plan) for Military, Police, First Responders, and Fire Fighters (Active and Retired).  Also, 10% off for Teachers and school Administrators. 

How old do you have to be to become a XFI Fire Breather?

The minimum age, for safety reasons is 16 years old, WITH a working knowledge of movement (pertaining to weight lifting, Olympic lifting, or gymnastics, etc), gym etiquette, and can  listen and take direction well. 

Why is XFI better than any other gym or home workout?

Most of the movements and exercises aren't ground breaking or new.  However the way XFI mixes the movements and exercise, combines them in distinct ways under the eyes of knowledgeable coaches, encourages mobility and helps to guide you nutritionally - THAT is new! 

Working out at home poses a risk for bad technique, especially when you're tired.  And bad technique is a leading cause for injury.  At an every day gym (aka Globo-Gym), do you really push yourself to your potential?  And if you do, is there anyone to congratulate you?

What is the Foundations all about?

Foundations is a great way for new athletes joining the CrossFit community to become familiar in the movements frequently used in our daily WODs.  Click here for more information.

What if I have more questions?

We are always happy to help you!  Contact us if you have more questions.