The XFI Barbell Club is designed to improve your strength and technique in the Olympic lifts:  Clean and Jerk and Snatch and the Power lifts:  Deadlifts, Squats and Bench press.

The Club breaks down the movements so you are building on a strong foundation of skill and technique.  Each session will concentrate on: 

  • accessory work,
  • mobility and
  • skills.  

You'll build speed, power and explosive strength with the Olympic lifts and raw, pure strength with the Power lifts.

Barbell Club

 A well-trained, experienced coach is always present to teach form and monitor safety.  Learning the details of these moves promotes safe, successful and injury-free athletes, where you can find your true potential!

All are welcome, if you're interested in learning the lifts or becoming better at them.

We welcome all athletes to our Barbell Club, from novices to seasoned lifters!  

1000 Cannons Court, Suite 105

Woodbridge, VA 22191